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Identifier:885686127056role: UPC
Title:Goldberg Variations
Genre:Keyboard Music
Contributor:Edicions Albert Moraledarole: Record Label
Contributor:Antoni Bessesrole: Artist
Contributor:Antoni Beses (Release Artist)
Contributor:J S Bach (Release Artist)
Entity Type:album
Extent:01:15:44Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Arianavigate: EALM/USA371091845
Has Part:2 Variation 1navigate: EALM/USA371091846
Has Part:3 Variation 2navigate: EALM/USA371091847
Has Part:4 Variation 3navigate: EALM/USA371091848
Has Part:5 Variation 4navigate: EALM/USA371091849
Has Part:6 Variation 5navigate: EALM/USA371091850
Has Part:7 Variation 6navigate: EALM/USA371091851
Has Part:8 Variation 7navigate: EALM/USA371091852
Has Part:9 Variation 8navigate: EALM/USA371091853
Has Part:10 Variation 9navigate: EALM/USA371091854
Has Part:11 Variation 10navigate: EALM/USA371091855
Has Part:12 Variation 11navigate: EALM/USA371091856
Has Part:13 Variation 12navigate: EALM/USA371091857
Has Part:14 Variation 13navigate: EALM/USA371091858
Has Part:15 Variation 14navigate: EALM/USA371091859
Has Part:16 Variation 15navigate: EALM/USA371091860
Has Part:17 Variation 16navigate: EALM/USA371091861
Has Part:18 Variation 17navigate: EALM/USA371091862
Has Part:19 Variation 18navigate: EALM/USA371091863
Has Part:20 Variation 19navigate: EALM/USA371091864
Has Part:21 Variation 20navigate: EALM/USA371091865
Has Part:22 Variation 21navigate: EALM/USA371091866
Has Part:23 Variation 22navigate: EALM/USA371091867
Has Part:24 Variation 23navigate: EALM/USA371091868
Has Part:25 Variation 24navigate: EALM/USA371091869
Has Part:26 Variation 25navigate: EALM/USA371091870
Has Part:27 Variation 26navigate: EALM/USA371091871
Has Part:28 Variation 27navigate: EALM/USA371091872
Has Part:29 Variation 28navigate: EALM/USA371091873
Has Part:30 Variation 29navigate: EALM/USA371091874
Has Part:31 Variation 30navigate: EALM/USA371091875
Has Part:32 Aria da Caponavigate: EALM/USA371091876
Has Sample: image
Rights:2010 Edicions Albert Moraleda S.L.

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