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Identifier:884385071868role: UPC
Title:Romantic Violin Pieces
Contributor:Dinemec Classicsrole: Record Label
Contributor:Alberto Lysy & Lorena Tecurole: Artist
Contributor:Alberto Lysy (Release Artist)
Contributor:Lorena Tecu (Release Artist)
Contributor:M. De Falla (Release Artist)
Contributor:J. Man (Release Artist)
Contributor:Danza Espanola (Release Artist)
Contributor:J. Achron (Release Artist)
Contributor:E. Bloch (Release Artist)
Contributor:A. Dvorak (Release Artist)
Contributor:J. Aguirre-Gaos (Release Artist)
Contributor:P. Saenz (Release Artist)
Contributor:L. Gianneo (Release Artist)
Entity Type:album
Extent:01:02:52Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 El Pano Morunonavigate: DINE/USA560946471
Has Part:2 Nananavigate: DINE/USA560946472
Has Part:3 Cancionnavigate: DINE/USA560946473
Has Part:4 Polonavigate: DINE/USA560946474
Has Part:5 Asturiananavigate: DINE/USA560946475
Has Part:6 Jotanavigate: DINE/USA560946476
Has Part:7 Boleras Sevillanasnavigate: DINE/USA560946477
Has Part:8 La Cananavigate: DINE/USA560946478
Has Part:9 Danza Espanolanavigate: DINE/USA560946479
Has Part:10 Hebrew Melodynavigate: DINE/USA560946480
Has Part:11 La Romanescanavigate: DINE/USA560946481
Has Part:12 Viduinavigate: DINE/USA560946482
Has Part:13 Abodahnavigate: DINE/USA560946483
Has Part:14 Allegro Moderatonavigate: DINE/USA560946484
Has Part:15 Allegro Maestosonavigate: DINE/USA560946485
Has Part:16 Allegro Appassionatonavigate: DINE/USA560946486
Has Part:17 Larghettonavigate: DINE/USA560946487
Has Part:18 Aires Criollosnavigate: DINE/USA560946488
Has Part:19 El Pajarito Tristenavigate: DINE/USA560946489
Has Part:20 Chacareranavigate: DINE/USA560946490
Has Part:21 Zapateadonavigate: DINE/USA560946491
Has Sample: image
Rights:1999 Dinemec Classics

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