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Identifier:829410097963role: UPC
Title:Frederic Mompou: Cançons / Songs
Contributor:Columna Músicarole: Record Label
Contributor:Mac McClure & Isabel Monarrole: Artist
Contributor:Mac McClure (Release Artist)
Contributor:Isabel Monar (Release Artist)
Entity Type:Takedown
Extent:00:58:43Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Aureana Do Sil (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621949
Has Part:2 Becquerianas: Hoy La Tierra (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621950
Has Part:3 Becquerianas: Los Invisibles Átomos Del Aire (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621951
Has Part:4 Becquerianas: Yo Soy Morena, Soy Ardiente (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621952
Has Part:5 Becquerianas: Yo Sé Cuál El Objeto (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621953
Has Part:6 Becquerianas: Volverán Las Oscuras Golondrinas (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621954
Has Part:7 Becquerianas: Olas Gigantes (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621955
Has Part:8 Cinc Melodies: La Fausse Morte (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621956
Has Part:9 Cinc Melodies: L'Insinuante (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621957
Has Part:10 Cinc Melodies: Le Vin Perdu (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621958
Has Part:11 Cinc Melodies: Le Sylphe (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621959
Has Part:12 Cinc Melodies: Les Pas (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621960
Has Part:13 Dos Melodías: Pastoral (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621961
Has Part:14 Dos Melodías: Llueve Sobre El Río (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621962
Has Part:15 Le Nuage (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621963
Has Part:16 El Niño Mudo (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621964
Has Part:17 Mira Quina Resplendor (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621965
Has Part:18 Primeros Pasos (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621966
Has Part:19 Ave Maria (Mompou)navigate: CLM/USA560621967
Has Sample: image
Rights:2005 Columna Música

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