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Identifier:829410606363role: UPC
Title:Italian Concert/ Scarlatti- Mancini- Corelli- Colista
Contributor:Claves Recordsrole: Record Label
Contributor:Conrad Steinmann/ London Baroquerole: Artist
Contributor:Ingrid Seifert (Release Artist)
Contributor:Richard Gwilt (Release Artist)
Contributor:Charles Medlam (Release Artist)
Contributor:Lars Ulrik Mortensen (Release Artist)
Contributor:Francesco Mancini (Release Artist)
Contributor:Alessandro Scarlatti (Release Artist)
Contributor:Arcangelo Corelli (Release Artist)
Contributor:Lelio Colista (Release Artist)
Contributor:London Baroque (Release Artist)
Contributor:Conrad Baroque (Release Artist)
Entity Type:album
Extent:00:52:27Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Sonata 14; Comodonavigate: CLA/USA560806933
Has Part:2 Sonata 14; Fuga: Allegronavigate: CLA/USA560806934
Has Part:3 Sonata 14; Largettonavigate: CLA/USA560806935
Has Part:4 Sonata 14; Allegronavigate: CLA/USA560806936
Has Part:5 Sonata In A Minor; Allegrettonavigate: CLA/USA560806937
Has Part:6 Sonata In A Minor; Largonavigate: CLA/USA560806938
Has Part:7 Sonata In A Minor; Fuganavigate: CLA/USA560806939
Has Part:8 Sonata In A Minor; Pianonavigate: CLA/USA560806940
Has Part:9 Sonata In A Minor; Allegronavigate: CLA/USA560806941
Has Part:10 Sonata A Tre WoO 8; Adagionavigate: CLA/USA560806942
Has Part:11 Sonata A Tre WoO 8; Allegronavigate: CLA/USA560806943
Has Part:12 Sonata A Tre WoO 8; Gravenavigate: CLA/USA560806944
Has Part:13 Sonata A Tre WoO 8; Vivace: Adagionavigate: CLA/USA560806945
Has Part:14 Sonata 21; Andantenavigate: CLA/USA560806946
Has Part:15 Sonata 21; Allegronavigate: CLA/USA560806947
Has Part:16 Sonata 21; Velocenavigate: CLA/USA560806948
Has Part:17 Sonata 21; Lentonavigate: CLA/USA560806949
Has Part:18 Sonata 21; Allegronavigate: CLA/USA560806950
Has Part:19 Sonata IV in D; Gravenavigate: CLA/USA560806951
Has Part:20 Sonata IV in D; Allegronavigate: CLA/USA560806952
Has Part:21 Sonata IV in D; Andantenavigate: CLA/USA560806953
Has Part:22 Sonata IV in D; Allegro: Adagionavigate: CLA/USA560806954
Has Part:23 Sonata 13; Largonavigate: CLA/USA560806955
Has Part:24 Sonata 13; Fuganavigate: CLA/USA560806956
Has Part:25 Sonata 13; Largonavigate: CLA/USA560806957
Has Part:26 Sonata 13; Spiritosonavigate: CLA/USA560806958
Has Sample: image
Rights:1990 Claves Records

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