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Identifier:803680999707role: UPC
Title:Action Songs: Wiggle & Shake
Contributor:Avid Entertainmentrole: Record Label
Contributor:Tumble Totsrole: Artist
Contributor:Tumble Tots (Release Artist)
Entity Type:album
Extent:00:32:06Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Wiggly Woonavigate: AVEN/USA560510857
Has Part:2 Wake Up Your Musclesnavigate: AVEN/USA560510858
Has Part:3 Elephants Have Wrinklesnavigate: AVEN/USA560510859
Has Part:4 Bean Bag Songnavigate: AVEN/USA560510860
Has Part:5 Shake My Silliesnavigate: AVEN/USA560510861
Has Part:6 Music Musicnavigate: AVEN/USA560510862
Has Part:7 Dingle Dangle Scarecrownavigate: AVEN/USA560510863
Has Part:8 If You're Happy And You Know Itnavigate: AVEN/USA560510864
Has Part:9 Little Rabbitnavigate: AVEN/USA560510865
Has Part:10 Mexican Bean Bagnavigate: AVEN/USA560510866
Has Part:11 Three Little Speckled Frogsnavigate: AVEN/USA560510867
Has Part:12 Little Monkeysnavigate: AVEN/USA560510868
Has Part:13 Clap Tap Bendnavigate: AVEN/USA560510869
Has Part:14 Little Green Frogsnavigate: AVEN/USA560510870
Has Part:15 Stand Up, Sit Downnavigate: AVEN/USA560510871
Has Part:16 Tom Tomnavigate: AVEN/USA560510872
Has Part:17 Teddy Bearnavigate: AVEN/USA560510873
Has Part:18 Wheels On The Busnavigate: AVEN/USA560510874
Has Part:19 I'm A Little Aeroplane & Rocketnavigate: AVEN/USA560510875
Has Part:20 Bean Bag Shakenavigate: AVEN/USA560510876
Has Part:21 Top Of The Mornin'navigate: AVEN/USA560510877
Has Part:22 Grand Old Duke Of Yorknavigate: AVEN/USA560510878
Has Sample: image
Rights:1998 Avid Records

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