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Identifier:829410871952role: UPC
Title:Alfonso "El Sabio": Cantigas de Santa Maria
Contributor:Arts Productions Ltdrole: Record Label
Contributor:Theatrum Instrumentorum & Aleksandar Sasha Karlicrole: Artist
Contributor:Theatrum Instrumentorum (Release Artist)
Contributor:Aleksandar Sasha Karlic (Release Artist)
Entity Type:album
Extent:01:10:38Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:AbkhazianVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Prologo (Alfonso X)navigate: ARTP/GBCRW9852801
Has Part:2 A Santa Maria Dadas (Alfonso X)navigate: ARTP/GBCRW9852802
Has Part:3 Tan Beneyta (Alfonso X)navigate: ARTP/GBCRW9852803
Has Part:4 Taqsim - Des Oge Mais - Taqsim - Rosa Das Rosas - Como Poden - Santa Maria, Strela Do Dia (Alfonso X)navigate: ARTP/GBCRW9852804
Has Part:5 Tanto Son Da Groriosa (Alfonso X)navigate: ARTP/GBCRW9852805
Has Part:6 Miragres Fremosos (Alfonso X)navigate: ARTP/GBCRW9852806
Has Part:7 Taqsim - Macar Ome Per Folia - Come Deus Fez Vynno D'Agua (Alfonso X)navigate: ARTP/GBCRW9852807
Has Part:8 Taqsim - A Madre De Jhesu Cristo - Pois Que Dos Reis (Alfonso X)navigate: ARTP/GBCRW9852808
Has Part:9 Nembre-Sse-Te Madre De Deus (Alfonso X)navigate: ARTP/GBCRW9852809
Has Part:10 Taqsim - Que Por Al Non Devess'Om (Alfonso X)navigate: ARTP/GBCRW9852810
Has Part:11 A Madre De Jhesu Christo - Dized'Jai, Trobadores! (Alfonso X)navigate: ARTP/GBCRW9852811
Has Part:12 En O Nome De Maria - Ali U A Penedenca (Alfonso X)navigate: ARTP/GBCRW9852812
Has Sample: image
Rights:1998 Arts Music

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