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Identifier:884385933968role: UPC
Title:The Ultimate Irish Pub Party
Contributor:Arran Recordsrole: Record Label
Contributor:Various Artistsrole: Artist
Entity Type:album
Extent:01:55:35Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Mary From Dungloenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905610
Has Part:2 Golden Jubilee (50 Years Ago)navigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905611
Has Part:3 The Leaving of Liverpoolnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905612
Has Part:4 Along The Faughan Sidenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905613
Has Part:5 Pretty Little Girl from Omaghnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905614
Has Part:6 Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Doornavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905615
Has Part:7 Shores of Americanavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905616
Has Part:8 Wild Rovernavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905617
Has Part:9 Love Is Teasingnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905618
Has Part:10 The Kellysnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905619
Has Part:11 Hills Of Connemaranavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905620
Has Part:12 The Black Velvet Bandnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905621
Has Part:13 Bold O'Donoghuenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905622
Has Part:14 Roisin The Beaunavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905623
Has Part:15 Old Maid In The Garretnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905624
Has Part:16 Butcher Boynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905625
Has Part:17 My Lovely Rose Of Clarenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905626
Has Part:18 Wild Colonial Boynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905627
Has Part:19 Murphy and the Bricks (Sick Note)navigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905628
Has Part:20 McAlpine's Fusiliersnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905629
Has Part:21 A Mother's Love Is A Blessingnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905630
Has Part:22 Mursheen Durkinnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905631
Has Part:23 Connemara Cradle Songnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905632
Has Part:24 Old Mud Cabinnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905633
Has Part:25 Irish Emigrantnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905634
Has Part:26 The Galway Shawlnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905635
Has Part:27 Forty Shades Of Greennavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905636
Has Part:28 Lovely Derry on the Banks Of The Foylenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905637
Has Part:29 Lovely Leitrimnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905638
Has Part:30 Homes Of Donegalnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905639
Has Part:31 Boston Burglarnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905640
Has Part:32 The Old Bog Roadnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905641
Has Part:33 The Green Glens of Antrimnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905642
Has Part:34 Carrickfergusnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905643
Has Part:35 Rose Of Mooncoinnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905644
Has Part:36 Three Leafed Shamrocknavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905645
Has Part:37 Hills Of Donegalnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905646
Has Part:38 Noreen Bawnnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905647
Has Part:39 Enniskillen Dragoonsnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905648
Has Part:40 Rose of Aranmorenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905649
Has Sample: image
Rights:2009 IML Irish Music Licensing Ltd

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