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Identifier:884385870010role: UPC
Title:The Best Ever Collection Of Irish Pub Songs - Volume 2
Contributor:Arran Recordsrole: Record Label
Contributor:Various Artistsrole: Artist
Entity Type:album
Extent:01:13:10Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 Raglan Roadnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905194
Has Part:2 The Irish Rovernavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905195
Has Part:3 The Ferrymannavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905196
Has Part:4 Sweet Sixteennavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905197
Has Part:5 The Lonesome Boatmannavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905198
Has Part:6 The Town I Love So Wellnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905199
Has Part:7 Steal Awaynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905200
Has Part:8 The Holy Groundnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905201
Has Part:9 A Song For Irelandnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905202
Has Part:10 Streets Of New Yorknavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905203
Has Part:11 Follow Me Up To Carlownavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905204
Has Part:12 The Spanish Ladynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905205
Has Part:13 Danny Boynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905206
Has Part:14 Dicey Riellynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905207
Has Part:15 Mary From Dungloenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905208
Has Part:16 Boolavoguenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905209
Has Part:17 The Auld Trianglenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905210
Has Part:18 Fiddler's Greennavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905211
Has Part:19 The Fairmoyle Lasses/Sportin' Paddynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905212
Has Part:20 God Save Irelandnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0905213
Has Sample: image
Rights:2009 IML Irish Music Licensing Ltd

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