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Identifier:884385856915role: UPC
Title:Irish Pub Singalong
Contributor:Arran Recordsrole: Record Label
Contributor:Killarney Singersrole: Artist
Entity Type:album
Extent:00:56:29Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1 It's A Great Day For The Irishnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902111
Has Part:2 Hello Patsy Fagannavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902112
Has Part:3 Courtin In The Kitchennavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902113
Has Part:4 It's A Long Way To Tipperarynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902114
Has Part:5 The Galway Shawlnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902115
Has Part:6 Sweet Rosie O'Gradynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902116
Has Part:7 Peggy O'Neillnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902117
Has Part:8 It's Hard To Be Humblenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902118
Has Part:9 The Blacksmithnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902119
Has Part:10 Old Flamesnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902120
Has Part:11 The Star Of The County Downnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902121
Has Part:12 Phil The Fluter's Ballnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902122
Has Part:13 Rose Of Killarneynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902123
Has Part:14 Slievenamonnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902124
Has Part:15 The Boys From The County Armaghnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902125
Has Part:16 A Mother's Love's A Blessingnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902126
Has Part:17 If Those Lips Could Only Speaknavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902127
Has Part:18 Rockin' Alonenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902128
Has Part:19 Mursheen Durkinnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902129
Has Part:20 The Wild Colonial Boynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902130
Has Part:21 I'll Tell Me Manavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902131
Has Part:22 It Must Have Been The Irishnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902132
Has Part:23 The Village Where I Went To Schoolnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902133
Has Part:24 The Old Bog Roadnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902134
Has Part:25 The Shores Of Amerikaynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902135
Has Part:26 Twenty One Yearsnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902136
Has Part:27 Homes Of Donegalnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902137
Has Part:28 Molly Malonenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902138
Has Part:29 Eileen O'Gradynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902139
Has Part:30 The Same Old Shillelaghnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902140
Has Part:31 Dear Oul' Donegalnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902141
Has Part:32 If You're Irish Come Into The Parlournavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902142
Has Part:33 With Me Shillelagh Under Me Armnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902143
Has Part:34 Belfastnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902144
Has Part:35 The Town I Loved So Wellnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902145
Has Part:36 The Fields Of Athenrynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902146
Has Part:37 A Daisy A Daynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902147
Has Part:38 Give An Irish Girl To Menavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902148
Has Part:39 Que Sera Seranavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902149
Has Part:40 Irish Rovernavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902150
Has Part:41 The Leaving Of Liverpoolnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902151
Has Part:42 Among The Wicklow Hillsnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902152
Has Part:43 Lovely Irish Eyesnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902153
Has Part:44 Innisfreenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902154
Has Part:45 The Banks Of My Own Lovely Leenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902155
Has Part:46 The Rose Of Traleenavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902156
Has Part:47 The Green Glens Of Antrimnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902157
Has Part:48 Come Back To Erinnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902158
Has Part:49 An Irish Lullabynavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902159
Has Part:50 When Irish Eyes Are Smilingnavigate: ARRA/GBHFP0902160
Has Sample: image
Rights:2009 IML Irish Music Licensing Ltd

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