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Identifier:884385134600role: UPC
Title:Acuarela Songs 2
Genre:Post-Rock / Experimental
Contributor:Acuarelarole: Record Label
Contributor:Various Artistsrole: Artist
Contributor:Various Artists (Release Artist)
Entity Type:album
Extent:03:00:08Vocabulary: dmsvExtentTypes
role: playing time medium
Source:The Orchard
Language:EnglishVocabulary: dmLanguages
Has Part:1.1 Logic And Surprisenavigate: ACUA/ES7120310066
Has Part:1.2 Never That Meannavigate: ACUA/ES7120310067
Has Part:1.3 With The Rest Of Colors I Succeed To Keepnavigate: ACUA/ES7120310068
Has Part:1.4 Ali Diallonavigate: ACUA/ES7120310069
Has Part:1.5 Coloured Waternavigate: ACUA/ES7120310070
Has Part:1.6 Imaxe Accidentalnavigate: ACUA/ES7120310071
Has Part:1.7 Coloursnavigate: ACUA/ES7120310262
Has Part:1.8 Get Me "A"navigate: ACUA/ES7120310072
Has Part:1.9 Epílogo para Acuarelanavigate: ACUA/ES7120310073
Has Part:1.10 Collisionnavigate: ACUA/ES7120310074
Has Part:1.11 Heavy Handsnavigate: ACUA/ES7120310075
Has Part:1.12 Talkin' Watercolour Bluesnavigate: ACUA/ES7120310076
Has Part:1.13 Portrait Of A Teachernavigate: ACUA/ES7120310077
Has Part:2.1 Monocromonavigate: ACUA/ES7120310078
Has Part:2.2 One More Tomorrownavigate: ACUA/ES7120310079
Has Part:2.3 Wasserfarbenavigate: ACUA/ES7120310080
Has Part:2.4 Couleur d'Eaunavigate: ACUA/ES7120310081
Has Part:2.5 Make Me Lonelynavigate: ACUA/ES7120310082
Has Part:2.6 A Cup Of Coffeenavigate: ACUA/ES7120310083
Has Part:2.7 Noun To Nounnavigate: ACUA/ES7120310084
Has Part:2.8 Oh Them, They Diednavigate: ACUA/ES7120310085
Has Part:2.9 Watercolor Summernavigate: ACUA/ES7120310086
Has Part:2.10 A Live Ode To Hard Drive Chamber Musicnavigate: ACUA/ES7120310087
Has Part:2.11 El Naval (Demo)navigate: ACUA/ES7120310088
Has Part:2.12 Ur Margoanavigate: ACUA/ES7120310089
Has Part:2.13 Water Housenavigate: ACUA/ES7120310090
Has Part:3.1 Demons Music Part 3 (Nicolas Fucks Liza)navigate: ACUA/ES7120310091
Has Part:3.2 The Field Songnavigate: ACUA/ES7120310092
Has Part:3.3 Confetti In The Seanavigate: ACUA/ES7120310093
Has Part:3.4 Blanconavigate: ACUA/ES7120310094
Has Part:3.5 Watercolour Citynavigate: ACUA/ES7120310095
Has Part:3.6 Paint Me In Watercoloursnavigate: ACUA/ES7120310096
Has Part:3.7 What Is The Image?navigate: ACUA/ES7120310097
Has Part:3.8 Contranavigate: ACUA/ES7120310098
Has Part:3.9 Reflecting Poolsnavigate: ACUA/ES7120310099
Has Part:3.10 El single chiquichanclanavigate: ACUA/ES7120310100
Has Part:3.11 Watercolournavigate: ACUA/ES7120310101
Has Part:3.12 Almost Every Dognavigate: ACUA/ES7120310102
Has Part:3.13 Siempre vas a disfrutar mucho con Acuarelanavigate: ACUA/ES7120310103
Has Sample: image
Rights:2002 Acuarela

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